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Whitney L. Priebe

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School of Journalism, 2008

Director of Marketing

The Elder and Disability Advocacy Firm

of Christine A. Alsop, LLC,

St. Louis, MO

Whitney Priebe graduated from SIU Carbondale in 2008. She received her Bachelor's degree in Journalism, with an advertising specialization, from the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts. She moved to Carbondale from Tullahoma, Tennessee, and, prior to that, had lived in six other states due to her father being a Colonel in the Air Force. She immediately fell in love with SIUC, especially the undeniable enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Immediately after graduation, Whitney had trouble finding a job in the advertising field, going on several “interviews” that were actually door-to-door sales calls to St. Louis’ outlaying cities in disguise. Whitney later secured two jobs, working seven days a week for a full year, killing it in data entry as a clerk by day and slinging filet mignons as a server at an upscale restaurant by night. While working these two jobs, Whitney took on several freelance writing and digital marketing opportunities, working with local organizations on marketing their fundraising and volunteer recruiting efforts. She worked with Operation Food Search, St. Louis Winter Outreach, KDHX FM and others. This freelance experience, the specialized education that she received from SIUC and her perseverance to continue to seek out job training and learn from other professionals eventually landed her a job as a marketing specialist in the healthcare industry in 2014. There, she was given the opportunity to exercise the skills that she had developed. Whitney now works as the Director of Marketing for a local elder law and special needs planning firm in St. Louis, The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC, exercising her skills in graphic design, branding, communications, copywriting, project management, business development, digital marketing, website management, event marketing and much more. She loves that she has the ability to be creative, practical and results-driven all at once, while also helping those in her community. Whitney is very appreciative to SIUC for the education that she received and the connections that she made while she was there. She believes that SIUC always prioritizes its students and provides all of the tools that students need to succeed, but it is up to the students to take the initiative to use them to their advantage. Link to digital portfolio: www.PriebePortfolio.com.