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Liz Ralston

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Visual Effects/Film Producer

Liz Ralston has over twenty years of experience in visual effects production and facility management, overseeing all feature production and client relations, for both VFX facilities and film studios.

Ralston was the visual effects producer on “Babe,” the 1995 Oscar ® winner for best visual effects. “Inspector Gadget,” “102 Dalmatians,” “Behind Enemy Lines,” “Idlewild” and “Land of the Lost” are among her other credits in that role. At Dream Quest Images, Ralston was the executive production manager on “Armageddon” and “Mighty Joe Young.” For director Mike Nichols, she produced the visual effects on “Charlie Wilson’s War” and the six hour HBO mini-series “Angels in America.”

A film school graduate of Southern Illinois University, where Ralston studied cinematography and focused on experimental animation, led her to a career in visual effects. She was a rotoscope artist at Roto Effects of America, a traditional optical effects house, where her first feature project was “Beetlejuice.” Ralston went on to work at deGraf/Wahrman, a cutting-edge computer graphics company where she was manager and producer. In 1991, she joined Rhythm & Hues as a producer, working on a variety of feature film and commercial projects over the next five years. She also held production executive positions at The Walt Disney Company, The Secret Lab and Imaginary Forces.

In 2002, during the production of “Angels in America”, Liz faced a cancer diagnosis that opened her eyes to the power of exercise and the benefits of eating well.  She worked consistently with her personal trainer for ten years while balancing the demands of the film-production lifestyle. With production leaving Los Angeles, Liz decided to stay in town and develop her passion for exercise by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and motivating everyone in her path to take a few simple steps towards improving physical health.  

Liz started Train On LA in 2013 to provide structure, guidance and solid coaching in a personalized exercise program.  Since then she has built a reputation for inspiring people to be their best and to realize the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle, while firmly believing that Bodies in Motion Stay in Motion!

Liz earned her B.A. in Cinematography from the College of Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University, where she was honored with the Alumni Achievement Award in 1997.