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Michele Leigh Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Cinema and Photography

photo of M. Leigh

Ph.D. at University of Southern California, 2008
Email: mleigh@siu.edu
Office: COMM 1121L


Dr. Leigh's research focuses on Pre-revolution Russian Cinema and women in the silent film industry. Her degree from USC is in Critical Studies from the School of Cinematic Arts, and her dissertation was entitled Dangerous Beauty: Representation and Reception of Women in the Films of Evgenii Bauer, 1913-1917. The dissertation explores the filmic construction of the feminine in the urban centered films of Russian Director Evgenii Bauer.  Her work offers Bauer’s films as an example of a new female archetype that was being developed at the turn of the century in Russi and her analysis takes into account the social, historical and cultural influences present in Bauer’s films and posits how those female representations might have been perceived by audiences in Russia. 

In addition to her work on silent film, Dr. Leigh has recently reearched and written about animation. She presented a paper on the television series Archer at the 2012 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Boston. 


Silent Cinema, Russian and East European Cinema, Female Industrial Practice, Animation, Film History and Theory, Independent Cinema, Film Festivals.