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Walter Metz Ph.D.

Professor, Cinema and Photography and Acting Associate Dean

photo of W. Metz

Ph.D. at University of Texas, Austin, 1996
Office: COMM 1112
Phone: (618) 453-5087


Dr. Metz is a Professor of Film Studies who teaches film, television, theatre, and photography history, theory and criticism. 

As a researcher, Walter is interested in the relationship between popular media forms, such as the television sitcom and the Hollywood blockbuster film, and high, canonical literature. His book on Gilligan's Island was published by Wayne State University Press in March 2012.  Walter's film criticism website is located at:


Contemporary film and television criticism and theory, literature and film, science and film, post-war American culture.

Recent Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles

“Unfriending Hawthorne.” Literature/Film Quarterly. 45.4 [Fall 2017].

Metz, Walter C. "From Books to Molecules: Adaptation Studies in the 21st Century." Literature/Film Quarterly 45, No. 2 (Spring 2017).

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Metz, Walter C. "There's Something Rotten in Film Criticism, and His Name is, Regrettably, Not Johnny." Film Criticism 40, No. 1 (Jan 2016): n.p..

Metz, Walter C. "A Dreary Life on a Barge: From L'Atalante to Young Adam." Weber: The Contemporary West 27, No. 2 (Spring 2011): 51-66. 

Metz, Walter C. "Down Kerouac's Road to Pixar's Up." Film Criticism 35, No. 1 (Fall 2010): 60-81. 

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