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Robert Spahr M.F.A.

Associate Professor, Cinema and Photography

Photo of R. Spahr

M.F.A. at Parsons School of Design, New York City
Office: COMM 112E


Robert Spahr is a visual artist and educator who produces computational
art using generative processes and genetic algorithms; digital and
analog images; objects; live art and time-based media.

With an interest in how the media affects our view of the world, his
work explores the ever present cable news cycle which pushes a daily
message of fear, filled with political polarization; domestic and
foreign terrorism; celebrity scandals and the imminent threat of
hurricane, earthquake or flood.

Robert's recent work involves writing simple algorithms that an
automated computer system follows. The instructions outline what
websites to target, and the system then downloads selected images and
text, which are then used as source material, and remixed to create new
artwork on a schedule that imitates the 24 hour cables news cycle.

Recent exhibits include: Generative Art International Conference,
Lucca, Italy 2012; IV2012, Digital Art Gallery, an Int'l Conference on
Information Visualization, Univ. Montpellier II, Montpellier, France,
2012; Interrupt II Festival and Conference - Brown University,
2012;Nictoglobe Online Magazine: Friction Research Issue #4 (Reclaim
the Mind); Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2011; Generative Art
International Conference, Milan, Italy 2010; 10 Years + Counting
(10YAC), an online exhibit to mark the 10 year anniversary of
our nation at war, September 2011; SOS ART, Creative Expressions for
Peace and Justice, 2011; "Urban Interventions", at the College of
Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati.


Computational art, generative and procedural art processes, genetic
algorithms, free/open source software, free culture, time-based media
and live art