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Award Winners


Sarah Buto, Cinema and Photography, $1,500.00

Interdisciplinary Collaboration of Trust and Betrayal: An Inspector Answers by Norman Phillip Hart
Faculty Mentors: Hong Zhou and J. Thomas Kidd, Cinema& Photography and Theater

Lauren Pruemer, Cinema and Photography, $1500.00
The Dream Project

Faculty Mentor: Lilly Boruszkowski, Cinema and Photography 

Austin Wood and Matthew Wozniak, Cinema and Photography, $1482.00

Faculty Mentor: Lilly Boruszkowski, Cinema and Photography


Ryan Lichtenstein,  Radio-Television, $1500.00
Robbie, The Space Raccoon
Faculty Mentor: H.D. Motyl, Radio Television       


Wade Morrison, Cinema & Photography, $1500.00
Imaginatively Real: Incorporating Naturalistic Documentary Elements into a Fictional Formalistic Narrative Film 
Faculty mentor: Walter Metz, Cinema & Photography 


Joshua Buursma, Cinema and Photography, $1500.00 
A Family Evening - A Short Film 
Faculty mentor: Mike Covell, Cinema and Photography


M. Catalina Montanez, Radio/Television, $1048.00 
Radio Broadcasting in Colombia: The Importance of Community Radio Stations 
Faculty Mentor: Max V. Grubb, Radio-Television 

Christopher G. Sato, Cinema and Photography, $1430.00 
Fifth & Gran
Faculty Mentor: R. William Rowley, Cinema and Photography


Cory McMahon,  Department of Cinema and Photography
Mr. Hitchcock, Tear Down that Wall

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jyotsna Kapur