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The Alternative Media and Social Movements Encyclopedia Project

This project focuses on comparative and international, and primarily on the 20th and 21st centuries. It is principally organized by approximate historical periods, e.g. 1900-1917, 1917-1933, and so forth, rather than in the strictly alphabetical mode common to encyclopedias, in order to provide a comparative and synoptic perspective on 20th and 21st century developments in this sphere. The encyplopedia was published in October, 2010.

Founding Center Director John Downing is the editor-in-chief.

The OurMedia/NuestrosMedios Project

Dr. Downing brought this project to the Center. The Project, which has been in existence since 2001, holds annual conferences. 

The Billboard and Skin Shade Project

This project will initially involve a three-nation pilot project in Brazil, Egypt and India, examining the fairness-to-darkness spectrum in billboard advertising in all three nations. The prima face evidence is that the fairness end of the spectrum is overwhelmingly favored, especially in the depiction of women. With the help of locally organized focus groups we will explore the perceptions of these billboards among groups of young people +- 20 years old, of both genders. Dr. Kathy Frith of MCMA School of Journalism is developing this project.

The Nollywood Project

This project examines the cultural and economic status of Nigerian videofilms, which have a large distribution in Africa and among global diasporic communities. The project aims to uncover how these videofilms address vital problems faced b y people all across Africa. Dr. John McCall of SIU Anthropology and Dr. Segun Olejuwi of the SIUC Department of Theatre head this project.

Young People's Videogame Uses in East Asia

This project was begun by former SIU College of Mass Communication and Media Arts doctoral students Cao Yong and Noh Kwang Woo (now Dr. Noh) on aspects of the videogame industry in the PRC and South Korea, respectively.

The TeleVisions Project: TV Entertainment and 'Race'

In 2002, the Ford Foundation funded a research team whose members at the time were based at the University of Texas, Austin, to do an initial study of 'race' and the Hollywood television industry, focusing upon the advocacy groups' activities, the professional guilds' projects, and the industry's responses, over the period 1990-2002. The team is now dispersed through the universities of Oklahoma, Southern Illinois and Wisconsin-Madison, but is currently beginning to resume its research to carry it to the next stage. The PDF file attached here constitutes the report of the research project's findings in its first stage.