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April 30, 2013 -- Numbers Prove Home Sales are on the Rise.

CARBONDALE, IL--U.S. home prices are now rising for the first time in almost seven year. Economists see it as a good sign for the economy. According the S&P/Case Shiller index home prices have risen more than 7 percent in last year.

Jean Sanders, a Century 21 broker in Carterville says Southern Illinois hasn't seen as much of a swing as other parts of the country.

"That's probably the case in the places that were hit that hardest and that would be the east and the west coast. Our market was never as inflated as those two markets were, but we still had the hit because of the negative publicity and consumer confidence so we had all of that as well, but our prices, they have not gone up to that extent."

Sanders said that the market is changing, but the buyer still has the upper hand.

"Real estate always goes up and down you know and supply and demand always a factor so right now, yes, I think that it is a buyer's market, but on the flip side, it's a seller's market too because the market's turning around".

The U.S. economy seems to be on the rebound and Sanders says the housing market is a good indicator of economic trends.

"I think it's, we're getting better, I absolutely think they are um a lot of different factors rely on the housing market you know and the housing market has been really good from the first of the year so I really think that reflects consumer confidence. You can see it with the stock market; you can see it in the real estate."

IHS global insight forecasters say they expect 2013 to be the best year for housing since 2007.

Jessica Anderson

Evening Edition Reporter


April 30, 2013 -- National Franchises Vow to Hire Vets.

WASHINGTON, D.C--Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are teaming up to push for more jobs for veterans in an interview with fortune.com today.

Shawnee trails outfitter owner Rick Reeve says that is important to hire and support more veterans.

“I think so you know they have done their duty and its anything we can do to help them out because I know times are tough for everybody and maybe even tougher for them.”

President Obama wants businesses to hire more veterans.

His campaign started two years ago as a way to show support for the men and women who have risked their lives to fight for our country.

Lieutenant Eric Roberts says that this is the perfect way to support the troops.

Folks want to say we support the troops we support the troops well here’s your opportunity the troops have served their time.

Companies like Wal-Mart, UPS, Home Depot, the Blackstone group, Target, and McDonalds have committed to hire or train about four hundred and thirty five thousand veterans and military spouses over the next five years.

Roberts says veterans want to transition their military skills into civilian culture. So let us show our support for them, you know that's not just words that's bringing them on board.

Going forward the President wants state legislators to change state laws to help businesses hire more veterans.

Eddie Ferrar

Evening Edition Reporter


April 30, 2013 -- Student Center To Replace All Fast Food Except Mcdonalds.

CARBONDALE, IL--Chartwells, a school and university dining service, ended its SIU contract and as a result, there could be huge changes at the Student Center. Students and faculty may soon lose some favorite student center food chains.

Chartwells, a school and university dining service, ended its SIU contract, so every first-floor food shop besides McDonald's will cease operations by June 1, student center director Tena Bennett said.

The change has led to student speculation as to which restaurants may replace stores such as Rio Frontera, Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks. SIUC junior Malcolm Turner had his own opinion.

"It's unfortunate that they're going to be closing because they're modern of the student center, when you think of the student center now, those are the places in which people go to eat where people go to talk to each other I think it is really unfortunate."

Bennett said Chartwells didn't give a reason why it canceled the contract.

"The way the contract's written, they could request to be released within 180 days of the start date of the contract."

Although all vendors other than McDonald's will leave, she said officials are already in the replacement process. "The university has released a dining request proposal, she said, which allows companies to bid on student center spots.

Companies are now submitting bids to the university and decision will be made by the end of the month.

Desiree Ramirez

Evening Edition Reporter

Evening Edition Sports

April 30, 2013 -- Coming to America.

CARBONDALE, IL -- The St. Louis Cardinals are in a battle for first place with the Cincinnati Reds at Busch Stadium, while the Cubs are on a little winning streak of their own.

The women’s tennis team finished second overall in conference this year, but that was not the most impressive feat for this team. These girls represent four of the seven continents, and have all come together to put their stamp in the Saluki Women’s tennis history book.

Anthony Giase

Evening Edition Sports

Evening Edition Weather

Weather Forecast for April 30, 2013 -- Warm Weather Sticking Around?

Carbondale, IL-- Click on Brandon to find out.

Brandon Merano

Weather Forecaster