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Sound Stages and Control Rooms

WSIU Electronic Field Production

Three high definition Sony CineAlta XDCamEX camcorders (PMW-350) are the highlight of our field production area. Two camcorders are fitted with standard ENG type lens, the other is fitted with a high-quality wide-angle lens. Rounding out our HD camera selection is a Sony XDCamHD PDW-350 camcorder and a HDW-900 Sony HDCam camcorder. Camera top monitoring is available via SmallHD DP6 units. Zylight sunguns to attach to the cameras are also available, and allow the operator to infinitely adjust the intensity and color temperature of the light. Each camcorder unit is fitted with built-in wireless microphone receivers, and can be used with any of six transmitters (four lavalier and two hand-held) A complement of three standard definition Sony DVCam camcorders are also available for productions that do not require a high-definition deliverable. Lighting equipment includes Tungsten and HMI packages, gel frames, c-stands, flags, scrims, and diffusion flys. Additional equipment includes a variety of batteries, fast chargers, tripods, and monitors (both HD and standard definition).

Television Studio A

This 35-feet by 55-feet television production studio features a lighting system with 278 2.4K and two 6.0K dimmers controlled by an ETC Express 48/96 with two DMX universes, four playback faders, trackpad, and a remote focus unit. Our instrument inventory includes 22 Strand Arturo 2K softlights, 52 8-inch fresnels, and 28 ellipsoidal spotlights. The lighting grid is approximately 15.5 feet above floor level, and is accessed via Genie lift or ladder. The studio walls are lined with 120 feet of black curtains and 120 feet of tracked, off-white cyclorama curtains. A CamMate T-25 crane, configured with a tripod or Pathfinder dolly, is also available and can support cameras up to 40 pounds. WSIU TV's local studio productions are split between Studios A and B as needs dictate, averaging an estimated 600 hours of actual broadcast production annually. In addition to broadcast production, the WSIU/WUSI studios together average 18 hours of undergraduate and graduate classroom instruction each week.

Television Studio B

Our largest studio is 46-feet by 48-feet, and features a lighting system very similar to that in Studio A, and shares the production equipment with Studio A. The studio walls are lined with 80 feet of black curtains and 80 feet of tracked, off-white cyclorama curtains. The studio also has a 12-feet by 12-feet chroma wall. In addition to varied broadcast productions and classroom instruction, Studio B is home of the award-winning "River Region Evening Edition" nightly newscast.

Television Production Control A

The main production control room serves both television studios. Equipment includes three HItachi Z4000 cameras and up to two Sony DXC-D35 cameras upon request; a Grass Valley Group 200 production switcher, Inscriber Inca Graphics System, Deko500 Graphics System, DVCPro tape, and 360 Systems ImageMax server video playback. A 16-channel Wheatstone digital audio control surface connects to an audio bridge router for access to every audio source in the facility. Sony ECM 77 and Sennheiser MK 102 lavalier microphones are available. The production control room is slated for an upgrade this fall to incorporate a digital standard definition switcher, a composite monitor wall and audio processing.

Television Production Control B

This new production control room will serve both studios in high definition. Equipment includes three Sony HXC-100 camera systems with studio HD lenses with servo zoom and focus controllers. Autocue Master Series teleprompters, Vinten pedestals. Switching will be handled via a Sony MVS6000 production system complete with device control, still memory and digital effects. High-definition graphics will be supplied by Harris Inscriber G5 on dual channels. Operators will be able to view all sources on four, 46-inch plasma screens employing a Miranda X7 monitor wall system.

TV Master Contol

The heart of operations for WSIU/WUSI stations, TV Master Control is run by SIU Carbondale students under the supervision of professional staff.  Master Control has undergone massive renovations and includes a tapeless high-definition workflow and complete automation of three program streams. Master Control student staff operate and monitor the transmission signals of two digital television transmitters with three program streams on each, switch to live studio productions, ensure consistent quality by performing quality checks on all incoming material, switch to live feeds from national satellite systems, capture satellite feeds to server for air at a later time, capture and route teleconferences for campus use, and much more. Equipment in Master Control includes various switchers, routers, satellite receivers, remote control for transmitters, a Chyron ChannelBox graphics system, production monitors, and network servers.

TV Post Production

The post-production area features two basic FinalCutPro work stations and two advanced FinalCutPro workstation outfitted for finishing work in standard or high definition video formats. During fall 2012, the workstations will connect to a Storage Area Network allowing editors to share source materials. All the source material will be indexed and cataloged and provide a central database of usable assets. The advanced workstations include HD monitoring. Each workstation has the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 installed, as well as other productivity and creative applications.