Digital Media Arts and Animation Specialization

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College of Arts and Media

Digital Media Arts and Animation

Digital Media Arts and Animation

In Digital Media Arts and Animation, students choose courses on digital art creation, creative storytelling, and computer animation.  Digital media artisis write, design, and create computer animation, games digital audio and video for delivery across an array of media platforms.  Through innovative forms and methods, students in the Digital Media Arts and Animation specialization are able to creatively explore and critically comment on the arts, content, media theories, and technologies that are shaping the future of media. 

Required courses:

  • RTD 378 Writing for Game Production
  • RTD 382 2D Animation
  • RTD 487 3D Animation I
  • RTD 488 3D Animation II

Courses offered in this Specialization:

  • RTD 331 - Digital Graphics
  • RTD 461 - VFX Post
  • RTD 478 Game Narrative
  • RTD 490 - 3D Animation III
  • CP 301 - Pencils to Pixels
  • CP 454 - Animation Stand
  • CP 470A - Advanced Topics in Animation

Game Design and Development


Our Game Design and Development minor is a program with Information Systems & Applied Technologies and Radio, Television & Digital Media. You can enroll in the minor through ISAT, or through either Cinema and Photography or Radio, Television and Digital Media.

You’ll learn:

  • Animation Techniques
  • Game Narrative Development
  • Virtual World Soundscapes
  • Programming
  • Mobile, Web and App Development
  • Software Engineering and Management