Radio, Television, and Digital Media Student Groups

Southern Illinois University



College of Mass Communication and Media Arts

RREE group

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altnews2646 Facebook Page

altnews2646 YouTube Channel

  • Emmy winning, student produced, magazine style news show shot and broadcast in HD
  • Provides hands on experience in production, post-production, and graphics work
  • Students of all majors welcome

Digital Dog Records

Faculty Advisor:  Jenny Johnson

  • Student-run record label, which records and produces local music talents
  • Great opportunity for hands-on-experience
  • Developer and promoter of the Midwest Music Fest, unofficial Halloween Bash and other musical events that support the local music scene


M.U.S.I.C. Musicians United in Southern Illinois Carbondale

Musicians United Facebook Page 

  • Music jamming and networking group of students
  • Opportunities include meeting and jamming with new musicians on a regular basis, where new collaborations are forged

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

Faculty Advisor: William Recktenwald

SIUC NABJ Facebook Page

  • Meets weekly and Sponsors speakers, workshops, field trips, social events, and in service projects
  • Largest association of journalists of color in the world and offers internship and scholarship opportunities

River Region Evening Edition - WSIU TV News

Faculty Advisor: Joey Helleny

RREE Facebook Page

RREE YouTube Channel

  • Live student-produced half-hour newscast that airs on WSIU-TV Monday-Thursday at 5 p.m. when school is in session
  • Recipient of numerous national and state honors, including the IBA's Best Student TV Newscast in Illinios
  • Students perform all functions of a working TV newsroom and newscat under the direction of the news director and WSIU managers Darryl Moses and Abbi Hargrave with guidance from faculty advisor Joey Helleny.  Positions with hands-on experience include: reporter/photographer/ editor, producer, news and sports anchors, weathercaster, graphics artist, writer, video editor, sound technician, camera operator, and more
  • Volunteer and paid positions abailabel to all SIU students

WIDB "The Revolution & the Remedy"

WIDB Facebook Page

  • Operated and managed by students
  • Two seperate stations "The Revolution" alternative rock and "The Remedy" hip-hop R&B
  • WIDB gives practical experience in radio broadcasting
  • Listen live now over the Internet at

Other Student Opportunities in RTD

SIU Athletics Video Service

Contact:  618-453-1899

  • Produces over 70 live athletic events over 6 different sports
  • Works with ESPN, FSN, and other spors entities
  • Hands on training with camera operation, sports replay, and video switching
  • All majors welcome

WSIU FM Operation and Production

  • Brings NPR news and classical music to the community broadcasting 24 hrs. a day in 32 countries
  • Opportunities to learn how to operate on-air audio systems and daily productions
  • Student volunteers often lead to paid positions


Contact: WSIU FM News Jeff Williams, 618-453-6101,

  • Produces 14 local news and sportcasts
  • Provides experience in writing, reporting, editing, and anchoring.  No experience necessary
  • Broadcasts globally

WSIU TV Production Crew

Contact: WSIU production Abby Hargrave, 618-453-5888,

  • Production crew works in all facets of TV production
  • Consists of volunteer workers
  • Duties include: running cameras, graphics, and directing

WSIU TV Programming and On-Air Promotions Office

  • Offers paid and unpaid opportunities for students and also volunteer help
  • Prepare monthly program listing, assist with viewer calls, responsible for scripting, recording voiceovers, and organizing volunteer help