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RREE group

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Faculty Advisor: Jan Thompson

  • Emmy winning, student produced, magazine style news show shot and broadcast in HD
  • Provides hands on experience in production, post-production, and graphics work
  • Students of all majors welcome

Audio Engineering Society, Inc.

Faculty Advisors:  Jay Needham

  • Network with other members of the audio industry
  • Learn directly from recognized experts in the audio field
  • Participate in hands-on workshops and tutorials
  • Apply for scholarships and enter recording contests

Digital Dog Records

Faculty Advisor:  Jenny Johnson   Digital Dog Records Facebook Group

  • Student-run record label, which records and produces local music talents
  • Great opportunity for hands-on-experience
  • Developer and promoter of the Midwest Music Fest, unofficial Halloween Bash and other musical events that support the local music scene

Game Mechanics Research Studio

Faculty Advisor:  Reid Perkins-Buzo 

We are a student group that promotes research and development of video games.  We have had presentations on various topics over the past 2 years including game history, emulation, game modding, machinima, game engines & design, programming embedded controllers for game design, growth in MMO gaming, interfacing games wtih motion sensing controls, and even briing in industry speakers through Skype sessions.  We cover a wide range of topics including:  Game design elements, Industry business trends, History, Interfacing, Reverse engineering, etc.

M.U.S.I.C. Musicians United in Southern Illinois Carbondale

Faculty Advisor:  

  • Music jamming and networking group of students
  • Opportunities include meeting and jamming with new musicians on a regular basis, where new collaborations are forged

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

Faculty Advisor: Dennis Galloway 

  • Meets weekly and Sponsors speakers, workshops, field trips, social events, and in service projects
  • Largest association of journalists of color in the world and offers internship and scholarship opportunities

River Region Evening Edition - WSIU TV News

Faculty Advisor: Joey Helleny

  • Live student-produced half-hour newscast that airs on WSIU-TV Monday-Thursday at 5 p.m. when school is in session
  • Recipient of numerous national and state honors, including the IBA's Best Student TV Newscast in Illinios
  • Students perform all functions of a working TV newsroom and newscat under the direction of the news director and WSIU managers Darryl Moses and Abbi Hargrave with guidance from faculty advisor Joey Helleny.  Positions with hands-on experience include: reporter/photographer/ editor, producer, news and sports anchors, weathercaster, graphics artist, writer, video editor, sound technician, camera operator, and more
  • Volunteer and paid positions abailabel to all SIU students

Students in Illinois News Broadcasters Associtaion (SINBA)

Faculty Advisor:  Joey Helleny

  • Affiliated with the Illinois News Broadcasters Association with carer interests in broadcast journalism
  • Hosts speakers and career development activities; field trips to stations

WIDB "The Revolution & the Remedy"

Faculty Advisor:  James Wall

  • Operated and managed by students
  • Two seperate stations "The Revolution" alternative rock and "The Remedy" hip-hop R&B
  • WIDB gives practical experience in radio broadcasting
  • Listen live now over the Internet at

Other Student Opportunities in RTD

SIU Athletics Video Service

Contact:  618-453-1899

  • Produces over 70 live athletic events over 6 different sports
  • Works with ESPN, FSN, and other spors entities
  • Hands on training with camera operation, sports replay, and video switching
  • All majors welcome

WSIU FM Operation and Production

  • Brings NPR news and classical music to the community broadcasting 24 hrs. a day in 32 countries
  • Opportunities to learn how to operate on-air audio systems and daily productions
  • Student volunteers often lead to paid positions


Contact: WSIU FM News Jeff Williams, 618-453-6101,

  • Produces 14 local news and sportcasts
  • Provides experience in writing, reporting, editing, and anchoring.  No experience necessary
  • Broadcasts globally

WSIU TV Production Crew

Contact: WSIU production Abby Hargrave, 618-453-5888,

  • Production crew works in all facets of TV production
  • Consists of volunteer workers
  • Duties include: running cameras, graphics, and directing

WSIU TV Programming and On-Air Promotions Office

  • Offers paid and unpaid opportunities for students and also volunteer help
  • Prepare monthly program listing, assist with viewer calls, responsible for scripting, recording voiceovers, and organizing volunteer help