Radio, Television, and Digital Media Undergraduate Minors

Southern Illinois University



College of Mass Communication and Media Arts


Television Studies Minor

Students who are interested in learning more about the impact that media has on their lives can earn a minor in Television Studies through Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Department of Radio, Television and Digital Media. With the endless possibilities of available media outlets, it is essential to understand the ever-changing media landscape and culture. The minor allows students, including those who do not plan to work in the industry or become media professionals, the opportunity to gain a critical ability to understand how media is involved in their lives.

A total of 15 credits is required for the minor. The student must complete RTD 200: Understanding Media. The student must also complete at least nine credit hours in 300 or 400-level Radio, Television and Digital Media courses in the areas of media studies and media industries, as well as one 300 or 400-level production course to obtain a minor. All courses for a minor in Television Studies must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

Game Design and Development Minor

The minor in Game Design and Development (GDD) is a multi-disciplinary minor offered by the School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies (ISAT) and the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (MCMA).  The purpose of this minor is to prepare students who wish to enter the field of game design and development.  The Game Design and Development minor requires 15 credits. For IST majors, the required courses are RTD 201 and IST 392; for all other majors IST 209 and MCMA 499 are required. Only after completing 12 credit hours in GDD can students take the capstone course of IST 392 (IST major) or MCMA 499 (RTD major). This course is co-taught by two faculty (one from IST and one from MCMA) as an independent study. The GDD minor students are required to display their final project at each program's website and/or showcase.

The approved electives are in two areas for 9 credit hours: Game Studies and Production - RTD 331, RTD 378, RTD 382, RTD 478, RTD 487 and Game Programming (Prerequisite) - IST 312 (209), IST 336 (209), IST 403 (312). IST 422 (312 & 336), and IST 446 (209). All prerequisites for these courses must be fulfilled prior to enrollment in each course. All courses for this minor must be complete with a grade of C or better. All students who wish to enroll in this minor must do so through the ISAT advisor or with the MCMA advisors. The required course fo each major (IST & RTD) will not be counted as the GDD minor course.


Required (6 credit hours):

  • RTD 201     Introduction to Media Production
  • IST 392      Special Projects
  • IST 209      Introduction to Programming
  • MCMA 499  Independent Study


Elective Courses (9 credit hours):

Game Studies and Production

  • RTD 331  Digital Graphics Foundations
  • RTD 378  Writing for Game Production
  • RTD 382  2D Digital Character Animation I
  • RTD 478  Game Narrative
  • RTD 487  3D Animation I:  Modeling


Game Programming

  • IST 312    Digital Graphics Foundations
  • IST 336    Web-based Applications in Information Systems
  • IST 403    Client-Side Web Development
  • IST 422    Mobile Programming
  • IST 446    Software Engineering and Management 

1The required courses for each major (IST & RTD) will not be counted as the GDD minor courses.